About Me

Ewa Pach

Perfect Beauty brand was founded in 2007. From the beginning, of my business I was using their products as the priority was high quality and wide range of products so that each stylist has found the right product for themselves. In creating the brand involved a number of people, including educators who are practicing nail technicians who know the industry very well and being up to date with trends and market requirements. Continuous training in the world’s top nail techs allow me to develop the skills and use them to improve my business. Each of their product is tested under various conditions before it reaches the final consumer, to make sure that its quality is the highest. They have won many awards in competitions organized by various forums. An example is the recognition of their Gel Cover for the best gel in the competition Cosmetic, 2008 at the World Forum World Cosmetics. They run training centers across Poland, Ireland, Italy and England, where you can improve their skills and train with each method. The workshops are conducted individually or in groups of two to devote maximum attention to the student. In England brand marks its presence since 2013, where the main distributor and educator Anna Matusiak, Coventry.